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We fully undertake the search a specialist according to your requirements

About Us

NORDSCAN is a recruitment company in Estonia.

We know that there are no universal solutions for all occasions. Therefore, we approach each of our clients individually, offering personalized recruitment and management solutions to attract professional workers tailored specifically to your needs.

We are focused on building long-term partnerships with our customers. Quality, competence and compliance with agreements are our values and the basis on which our work is based.


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Our Services

We value both long-term and short-term contracts. We care about our staff. We take care of everything, from payroll to helping our staff solve their everyday problems. Motivated employees who love their job are the key to great success.

Long-term Staff Leasing

Want to find a long-term employee? Our extensive network of employees allows us to quickly find the right candidate for you.

Short-term Staff Leasing

Temporary staff is an excellent choice when you need to fill positions to address an increase in seasonal workload, for example. We can provide employees for a fixed term!


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Factory and line workers


farm workers

For Employers

Our job is making your job easier – and that means finding you the best workers

Staff leasing is a modern form of employment relationships, allowing you to save time and money that would otherwise be spent on the recruitment process, as well as avoid dealing with documentation, contracts, and other employment-related processes. Moreover, your company won’t have to pay for sick leave, vacation time, as well as provide other benefits and compensations. We will take care of all these things!

The flexibility of this form of employment means you can lease a single employee or an entire team from us. In addition to the long-term lease, we also offer short-term and seasonal employees to best fit the needs of your company. All you have to do is determine the kind of workers you need and the requirements that must be met. We will take care of the rest!


Send us a request and we will get started right away!


We constantly monitor and analyze the job market, and are thus able to provide suitable employees in a short time.


With staff leasing, you won’t have to worry about paying for sick leave, vacation time, etc.


If you are not satisfied with the employee, we will replace them.


Let us take over the employment process and focus on things you are best at.